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Hi, welcome to the vablet testing family

vablet accelerates sales and marketing by making it easy for sales reps to access to the right version of the content they need, from one place, when they need it, and wherever they are –on or offline. Companies choose vablet to stay competitive in their markets, to help their marketing and sales teams be more productive, to have more effective customer engagements, and to ultimately close more sales – sooner. vablet customers are able to: - Centrally control the content being used by sales reps in the field - Determine the branding and messaging of collateral presented in meetings - Leverage file types such as multi-media PDFs and HTML5 apps - Record details of client meetings automatically in Salesforce - Gain detailed analytics and feedback for more insight into sales activities Installed in SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises in more than 50 countries , vablet is very flexible in deployment, robust in management, and it’s easy to use. Other key features: - Access Salesforce contacts and calendar - online or off - Files are always encrypted for security - Reps can organize content on the device for quick access - Extensive Search capabilities - Notification of email opens and content views - Email multiple files and presentations of any size - Robust APIs for integration to your CRM or ERP and more!

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